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Time:2018-10-24 12:00:00

In 2018, To Exploit More Business and Save Produced Cost,Yongkang SSBY Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd Integrate Produced Source and acquire 10000.00 Square Meters Factory More,And Total Occupy Square Meter Reach to 250000.00.


Factory Exploit a New Workshop and New Produced Enquipment, And Whole Produced Process including Metal Plate Cutting,Metal Punching to Tank Body & Cover,Welding Gap of Body & Cap,Welding Drain Pipe,Inlet Pipe and Exhuast Pipe,Pipe bending for Hande and Bracket etc.

The New Workshop building(Foundeding) will be useful to Control Air Tank Quality,Shorten Delivery Time,Save Produced Cost and Increasing Competition Power in Domestic Produced Industry for Portable Air Compressor.

1-workshop.jpg 2-workingshop-.jpg 3-metal-cutting.jpg 4-rolling-form-machine.jpg
Workshop WorkingShop Metal-Cutting Rolling Form Machine
5-punching-tank-cover-.jpg 6-tank-body-cap-welding.jpg 7-inlet-exhaust-pipe-welding.jpg 8-tank-cover-welding.jpg
Punching Tank Cover Tank Body Cap Welding Inlet-Exhaust Pipe Welding Tank Cover Welding
9-pipe-bending.jpg 10-bracket-punching.jpg 11-bracket-welding.jpg 12-air-leaking-testing.jpg
Pipe Bending Bracket Punching Bracket Welding Air Leaking Testing

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